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Speedway Motorsports (NYSE: TRK) Analysis

Current Price: $14.52 Speedway Motorsports is the owner/operator of nine race tracks used primarily for NASCAR events. TRK and International Speedway Corporation (NYSE: ISCA), the other major player in its business, together own the majority of the tracks used for … Continue reading

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Book review: The Aggressive Conservative Investor (Whitman and Shubik)

When I first started reading Martin Whitman’s exhortations about the importance and neglect of assets as a tool of valuation I thought to myself, “But everyone knows that assets are an important tool. Is this really still relevant?” Then I … Continue reading

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Update: KLIC and MU make me look like a doofus, round 1 goes to James Montier

MU starting price: $7.90 (on 12/30/10) MU current price: $11.70 Percentage change: 48.1% KLIC starting price: $7.46 (on 12/17/10) KLIC current price: $10.04 Percentage change: 34.58% In an earlier post, I referenced a James Montier article about how people frequently … Continue reading

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Examining Whitney Tilson’s recent troubles with his NFLX short and the recent realignment of his portfolio  suggests to me a value-based short-selling rule: only short zombie stocks. By that I mean a company that is literally the living dead – … Continue reading

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