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L&L Energy (LLEN) Analysis

The Company L & L Energy (LLEN) is a multi-segment coal producer and refiner that operates and sells within China. The company has four divisions: mining, wholesale, coking, and washing. The primary source of revenue at present is coal mining, … Continue reading

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Insider Trading from a Value Investing Perspective

I saw an article on (I think) CNBC the other day arguing that rules against insider trading are pointless because allowing insiders to trade would improve the efficiency of the market and allow a company’s true value to be known. … Continue reading

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Motorola Mobility Spin-off

The impending spin-off of Motorola Mobility looks like it hasn’t seen much of a breakdown online, so I figure I’ll give it a go. It’s still a long way off and a lot of details have yet to be finalized, … Continue reading

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Skechers (SKX) Analysis

Skechers looks like a strong company whose price has been knocked down by investor overreaction to potential slowdown and unresolved lawsuits. Balance Sheet The overall balance sheet appears strong. The company has substantial cash reserves, a negligible amount of long-term … Continue reading

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HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQS) Analysis

Cash: $43.8M Receivables: $51.7M Total Liabilities: $6.5M Market Cap:…52M? The thesis is pretty simple here: it’s an old-school net-net. Based on liquid(-ish) assets on hand, the company is dramatically undervalued. It currently sells for about 40% of book with mostly … Continue reading

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Aeropostale (ARO) Analysis

Let’s start by examining Aeropostale’s earnings power value – the value of its earnings assuming no profitable growth is possible. EPV = (Net income) * (1/WACC) Net income (TTM) = $248M WACC (all equity) = 9.52% (going by Damodaran’s industry … Continue reading

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